Research-Adaptive Thermal Management


Traditional data center cooling systems suffer from two airflow inefficiencies, i.e., i.e., hot air recirculation and cold air bypass. Additionally, there are no ways to regulate cooling capacity based on spatiotemporal changes in cooling load. The current solution is to use brute force, i.e., overdesign the cooling systems, supplying double the airflow required and operate with supply air set point well below the desired temperature. All of these leads to tremendous energy waste.


At CIRC, we are solving this problem by developing a novel cooling architecture that comprises 1. Novel cooling units that allow rapid regulation of supply airflow and temperature 2. advanced control algorithms and 3. a smart coolant distribution system called thermal bus.

Highest Capacity Rack Mountable 2U Unit(5kW)

World’s Smallest InRow Unit (8.5 kW)


We are replacing traditional temperature based control (slow) with 1. predictive control and 2. control based on changes in IT load. These will enable more rapid regulation of cooling capacity in response to changes in IT load. Additionally, these will eliminate fluctuations in supply air temperature which is notoriously famous for reducing IT equipment life.


Modular Data Centers (MDC) enable rapid deployment by eliminating the construction nature of establishing a data center. Unfortunately, coolant distribution infrastructure for MDC , e.g., chilled water piping, is still established in traditional labor intensive way. We are developing prefabricated repeatable plug and play modules which can be easily assembled on site to establish a coolant distribution infrastructure.