Research-Intelligent Monitoring


Heterogeneity in data centre infrastructure leads to no real time visibility of performance and health which leads to high failure rates and high cost of repairs. Due to that, traditional data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tools only display cooling and power distribution conditions. They can’t react to system events and they require manual intervention. To overcome this problem, DC designers tend to over design and over provision which increases energy waste.


At CIRC, we are solving this problem by developing a novel integrated DCIM that 1. autonomously monitors the DC 2. Coordinates workload, cooling and power management 3. Enables dynamic response to events 3. Enhances reliability and reduces cost.


  • BLE enabled wireless sensors that measure pressure, temperature, humidity, air flow and vibrations.
  • Plug and play sensors. just stick them wherever you need in the DC and receive the readings on your android device right away.
  • Sensor readings can be read using a web based GUI or using our android app.
  • Truly wireless sensors that lasts on coin cells for 7 years.
  • Highly reliable wireless protocol. Packet receive rate > 98%.
  • Monitoring software sends alarms and alerts when sensor readings exceeds a user defined threshold.
  • Software provides a single dashboard that displays all the key performance indicators (KPIs)