CIRC subscribes to the "McMaster Way" of education: Experiential Learning

CIRC’s mission in education is to prepare students to participate in the innovation economy with a keen focus on customer discovery, market examination, and product placement.

All students enjoy outstanding entrepreneurial support network of the southern Ontario to foster start-up ventures.

Through close ties with nearly a dozen industry partners, CIRC offers the hands-on exposure to industrial practices and skills.

We are hosting our first symposium on June 14th 2018

Learning Experience @ CIRC

It is the only centre in Canada, and among very few others worldwide, that can provide hands-on learning opportunities in the design, operations, and maintenance of data centres (DCs). Presently, CIRC provides excellent research opportunities for graduate students, both at the masters and doctoral level, and postdoctoral fellows. Further, we welcome undergraduate students for short research internships and long term capstone projects. Students work in multidisciplinary teams and learn the skills to communicate and interact with researchers of other disciplines. Students are involved at various levels of the research and development and will learn the entire process from fundamental research issues, to prototype development, experimental deployment and evaluation.

“CIRC has given me this amazing opportunity to take the skills I’ve learned and apply them outside the classroom, helping to solve real world problems. This type of experiential learning is highly valuable and critical in preparing myself for the rapidly developing future.” – Tanner Ryan

“Working at CIRC was an incredible opportunity that jumpstarted my career in a way I never imagined. I was able to apply concepts I learned in class to real problems faced in the industry, interact with some of the smartest minds at McMaster, and gain real world programming experience that employers like IBM and Amazon took special interest in. I am thankful for my time at CIRC.” – Hatim Rehman