Experiential Learning


Complement your deep disciplinary classroom education with experiential, problem-based learning.

Knowing how to solve a textbook problem is, well, textbook. But learning how to collaborate on a messy, real-world problem which demands creativity and communication as well as technical skills, well, that’s something altogether different.

Today’s employers are looking for smart, capable engineers who know their stuff. But they also want employees who can collaborate as part of an interdisciplinary team and solve problems in an innovative way.

At CIRC, we offer students access to short-term gigs that have been carefully curated from the real-world problems of paying clients. Over two- to four-week sprints, you’ll be immersed in a hybrid classroom-laboratory environment to work on projects and develop solutions for companies at all stages of development.

Steady, ongoing access to gigs will immerse you in the innovation economy, exposing you to emerging technologies and market trends as you work for companies at every stage of development.

Your solutions will earn you a financial stipend, as well as the experience that will wow your future employers.

"My time at CIRC was truly invaluable, giving me the opportunity to apply what I had learnt in class and build something in the real world. I was able to put this experience on my my CV, which then opened doors that eventually landed me a job in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am forever grateful to my mentors at CIRC.

Compared to some other opportunities, CIRC was a lot more fast paced , and gave me more responsibility and trust over the project. This is usually not the case at bigger tech companies."
Hatim Rehman - Software Engineer at NerdWallet