Research PartnerShips

What We Do

In a research partnership, we become partners. In other words, we work with you in every step of the innovation, from customer discovery to pilot production – not just the research part. We have learned (the hard way), that this full stack approach is critical to success. 

To do so,

  • We develop a dedicated team of experts, staff, and students to chase your dreams to change the world!
  • We also apply for grants from several federal and provincial agencies to co-fund the projects, and/or to subsidize your costs.

Why We Do It?

We know that changing the world is a lot of work. Hard work done by the right kind of people. So, if you have a really good idea to change the world (for the better, usually), and you can convince us that your idea will actually change the world, we will become partners.

Our (Not so secret) Sauce

We are based in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. Here, we tap into the wide “intellectual wealth” of the University community – there is always someone around who knows a lot, about pretty much everything. We also tap into the high energy of some of Canada’s most advanced engineering students and researchers. These are packaged into team that is dedicated to chase your dreams.

Compliant with industry standards, here is our oversimplified infographic on how this works:

How Does it work

Typical partnerships run anywhere between 3 and 5 years. The usual steps are:

For Who?

The research partnerships are designed for companies

  1. that have identified a major knowledge gap in the world, which can fuel a transformative innovation in their respective industry specifically
  2. can commit to financial obligations for a minimum of 3 years.
  3. can dedicate technical personnel to support the work, and integrate with strategic priorities at the company

What kind of commitments are we talking about?

Typically, you will be committing to a minimum of $100,000 in cash, and an equivalent amount in-kind, annually for 3-5 years. Your funds will be matched by one ore of the following government grant programs:

NSERC Alliance Grants

OCE VIP 2 Grants

Mitacs Elevate

The fine Print

Here is a link to a “boilerplate” partnership agreement: Collaborative Partnership Agreement