We provide innovation-as-a service to solve immediate pain points.

These projects are quick turnaround (2 weeks to 6 months)

Our Services

Prototype Development

Design, test, and build MVP Supply chain validation Pilot manufacturing validation.

Cutting-Edge Training

Hands on training modules for new staff and contractors in a simulated mission critical facility.

Innovation Audit

Holistic review of your organizations’ innovation strategy.

Modelling and Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of industrial processes
Modelling of power distribution network.

Equipment Testing

Third party validation of ICT equipment, e.g., Servers, UPS, PDUs

Fees Tariff

Resource Member Rates CAD/hr Non-Member Rates CAD/hr
First 10 hours After First 10 hours
Principal Research Engineer 100 325 150
Technician (PCBs/CFD/CAD) 75 250 100
Software Developer 75 250 100
Data Centre Use 100 325 150
Computational Resource Usage 75 325 150


Cost of materials, travel, and other expenses are billed at actuals A project administration fee @ 10% of labour cost is charged Taxes, extra, as applicable Invoice is issued at signing or receipt of purchase order (prepaid model)

1.  Access to research personnel and facilities

Access to $25,000 worth of CIRC services at no additional cost, and more services at discounted member rates. Note that this does not include cost for materials, travel, or any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by CIRC in the conduct of those projects. The latter will be invoiced at actuals.

2.  Strategic technology development

Through a seat on the Advisory Board, members can shape the future of technology in the data centre space by influencing strategic decisions concerning short and long term projects. Such projects are typically sponsored or heavily subsidized by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

3.  Networking with thought leaders

CIRC is building a global team of thought leaders in the data centre industry spanning the entire value chain, comprised of component manufacturers, OEMs, vendors, suppliers, service providers, researchers, and end-users of a highly diversified milieu. All stakeholders will convene on organized annual meetings, and will be connected through various electronic media in between.

4.  Radar for current state-of-the-art

The CIRC team is continuously monitoring the global technology horizon, and maintains a knowledge base of the cutting-edge in developments. This knowledge is accessible to all members. Brief reports on the use of such technology to solve specific problems are prepared on request.



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