Dr. Ghada Badawy

Principal Research Engineer

Responsible for leading multiple projects with CIRC, Dr. Ghada Badawy brings internationally-recognized expertise in some of today’s most interesting and dynamic areas of technology advancement, as well as experience in leading industry roles.

Before joining CIRC she worked at BlackBerry as an advanced networks connectivity researcher, leading numerous research projects and authoring multiple patents. Prior to that, she worked as a senior software engineer at IBM.

An adjunct Assistant Professor in McMaster University’s Computing and Software department, Dr. Badawy has been published in numerous prestigious journals and invited to speak at leading academic conferences such as Data Centre Dynamics (DCD), CAPRE’S third annual Canadian Data Centre summit, and the Great Canadian Data Center Symposium (GCDCS).

Her areas of research include machine learning, resource allocation, optimization, load balancing, network as a large system, energy-related issues and cross-layer design in wireless networks, and wireless mesh, vehicular and sensor networks. Dr. Badawy has a PhD in Computer Engineering (year?) from McMaster University and BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering from Cairo University in Egypt.